About Me

My husband and I enjoy life with our two teenage boys who both have classic autism. While parenthood can certainly be a challenge, we teach our sons that they have promise, potential, and a purpose. In the field of disability, my vision is to educate, encourage, equip, and enable families who live with special needs to be be confident and successful in life. Although life doesn’t always look perfect, my family helps perfect life for me. My husband and I have learned that living life “outside the box” opens doors to opportunities of sharing our struggles and our joy gained through hardships. 

Most of all, I enjoy life with Jesus Christ because He is the One who brings all the pieces together in order to perfect and reflect the beauty of His masterpiece plan in my life. My favorite part of the day is when I find a quiet corner for my tryst with the One who maintains my sanity, who anchors all thoughts and emotion, the One who saves me from myself far too often. Jesus Christ. My reason for living life to its fullest outside the box.


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