1108 Caroline St, Fredericksburg, VA 22401

My husband and I were looking forward to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. After finding out we’d have to wait thirty minutes before being seated, we decided to head elsewhere.

We parked in front of a quaint looking little restaurant that enticed us with the posted menu in the window. No waiting. Score!

We were promptly greeted by Ato, who both seated and waited on us. While other customers enjoyed their food, Ato ensured all our questions were answered regarding the menu. Drinks were served immediately and our food was quick to follow. Ato checked on us several times to refill our water glasses and make sure we had all we needed for a satisfying meal.

Our meals arrived, and they looked & smelled amazing! The jerk salmon was out of this world, according to my husband. And my curried chicken tasted absolutely sublime! The food is legit Jamaican food mixed a tiny bit with American. We instantly fell in love with this comfortable little eatery on the fringe of Fredericksburg’s downtown hub –so much so, that we went back the following day for lunch! AND we made reservations for the following Tuesday evening. Pimenta has quickly risen to the top of our favorite places to eat.

The cozy environment is relaxing with a truly laid back feel. Five stars for service (thank you, Ato!), atmosphere, and most of all, the food.

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