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My husband and I relocated from Texas with our boys in March of 2019. We knew no one. Usually, when we relocate, we dive into our new surroundings familiarizing ourselves with the local culture and customs. We’d just begun our explorations when the pandemic hit our planet isolating everyone and locking down every “non-essential” establishment. No visitors. No gatherings. Very little human contact outside immediate family living in the same household. If this season of no social contact outside of zoom calls proved anything, it’s that we need human contact. We need each other —even a crazy introvert like me!

During these last couple years, not only did we as a people struggle with being alone, but our economy suffered, as well. Covid19 put a lot of local business owners out of business, and those who were able to hang in there did so just barely. But this is one area where I’ve seen Fredericksburg come together to help their neighbors. Not just the family next door, but helping to support local establishments as much as possible. Business owners doing more than just making a profit for the themselves, but giving back to the community in ways you might not find in larger cities.

Over the past two and half years, I’ve had the privilege to meet some of these owners. Some have provided excellent service through their passions for food and hospitality. Others started non-profits to reach local families in need or crisis. There are still business owners out there who are just barely getting by because of the pandemic. But they are determined to help those in need in our community, so they refuse to throw in the towel.

This blog is dedicated to all of those who serve in any capacity to provide and benefit our little city. By providing reviews of local establishments, I hope to help boost business post-Covid and offer encouragement and inspiration within our community.

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